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  Welcome to the Slovak Pride Database sponsored by the Slovak  Heritage & Folklore Society International. We have over 32,000  surnames and village listings!

 Please enjoy browsing our list to find surnames and villages  which might relate to your own family.

 We would like to include your surnames from Slovakia and  neighboring countries. To enter them or to obtain contact  information to reach any of the listers, e-mail editor Helene  Cincebeaux at We receive new listings  every day and will be updating periodically.

 Information on contacting the lister (Descendant) is free for  Slovak Heritage & Folklore Society Members. Also free if you
 send in your Slovak surnames and villages. Otherwise it is $2 
 per contact name. 

 A free sample copy of Slovakia magazine is available on  request. Questions? Contact Helene via e mail:  
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         Directions for searching our genealogy database files:

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2.  Please be patient-these are very large files, and may take time to load.

3.  Use the scrollbars to search for information.  The format is:

    Ancestor Surname      Village and County       Descendant Surname

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INCLUDES UPDATES through 2015, updates contact Helene

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