Slovakia: A Slovak Heritage Magazine

a quarterly - 113 issues published to date since 1987

A publication of the Slovak Heritage & Folklore Society International which focuses on history, culture, customs, genealogy.
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Helene Cincebeaux, Editor

* Membership is $18 (USD) for one year 
or $34 (USD) for 2 years

* Senior Citizen Membership is $15 (USD) for one year and $28 (USD) for 2 years

* Patron membership is $30 (USD) for one year;$55 (USD) for 2 years 

* Jánosík Circle membership is $45 (USD) for one  year; $75 for 2 years

(Patron and Jánosík Circle members fund sending Slovakia to libraries, museums, universities and cultural institutions around the world.)

Address: 151 Colebrook Dr., Rochester NY 14617
phone: 585/342-9383 

web sites:

The Society has also published a book Slovak Pride 
including over 28,000 Slovak surnames and villages. The surname listing can be seen in its entirety by clicking on the Slovak Pride button or go to web site:
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